Is it an Ark or Titanic?

Deuteronomy 30:15
“See, I have set before you today
life and good, death and evil.”

              We had just paid off our van and the computer instrument cluster went caput.  Over 600 bucks in repairs, or we could take the dealership’s offer to trade away our problem by saying “Yes” to a monthly payment.  “No way, not this time, just fix it, and we will pay the bill.  Thank you.”  We have been down this road before, and no matter how easy that payment looks, if at all possible, it’s not worth the bondage.

              A man once said, “God never intended for us to choose between sinning and not sinning.  He wanted us to choose between life and death.  There was the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life.”  If you’re like me, you might think that sounds a little over the top.  “Life and death?  Really?  Like every decision is a choice between those?”  But let’s take the car scenario.  The decision for us was not so much to buy or not buy a car, but to have life or death in our finances.  Take every area of life: finances, how you eat, relationships, sexuality, and the way you spend time.  The good news is that God wants to bring his life into all of those things.

With Noah and the Ark, even when the whole earth got flooded (there is fossil evidence for this btw), the passengers were safe.  On the Titanic, things did not go so well.  So have some fun with this.  The next time you are posed with a life decision, ask God which path is the right boarding pass.  The Titanic, back in the day was plush with that new car smell, but the payment for the ride was disastrous.  The Ark, covered in pitch and wreaking of barnyard stench, turned out to be the way of life.

Aaron F. Jeffers


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