Sealed-up Spiritual Life

Romans 8:11
“If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus
from the dead dwells in you, he who
raised Christ Jesus from the dead will
also give life to your mortal bodies
through his Spirit who dwells in you.”

              Our front and back doors were drafty, so I decided to seal up gaps where cold air would infiltrate our house.  I bought some weather-seal and applied it to both doors.  It worked absolutely fantastic!  I couldn’t feel any cold air coming through our doors.  The only problem was that none of my family could turn the doorknobs, let alone open the doors.

My wife and kids had a pretty good laugh when we arrived back from the city to see that the front door was gaping wide open (because they knew it was my fault, and I’m the one that always pipes up, “You’re letting all the heat out!”).  So all that precious energy and heat I was trying to save and conserve was totally lost that day.

Worry, fear, and anxiety try to infiltrate our hearts all day long.  Seal out those things by insulating the door of your heart with God’s promises.  Another way to be zealous about this is by acknowledging the reality of the power of the life of Christ that dwells within us by faith. The Christian life is impossible without Christ, so make walking with Christ your focus, not sin/struggle.  Let the Holy Spirit be your spiritual energy source to your abilities.  And don’t open your heart’s door to idols, because they’ll rob you every time.

Someone once said, “Jesus has no intention of letting you become whole apart from his moment-to-moment presence and life within you.” We are made in God’s image and molded in his likeness. If there’s any spiritual-weather stripping that needs to be done in our lives, it’s being vigilant about the precious life and presence of Christ inside of us.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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