Oldie and Goodie time…. Have You Been Translated?

(reprint 13′, just made me laugh!)

Colossians 1:13
“Who hath delivered us from
the power of darkness, and
hath translated us into the
kingdom of his dear Son…”

When I lived in New Zealand a minister from Australia came over to preach close to where I lived. We became good friends, and he said to me, “If you’re going to live here as a Kiwi, you need the right greeting.”
“Like, ‘Good day mate’!” I replied with my thick American accent.
Graham said, “No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong mate. Repeat after me: ‘Guh’.”
“Say ‘Da’.”
“Top it off with ‘mate’.”
“Now put it all together and say it fast.” Graham said.
Well, I perfected it exactly the way he taught me. Excitedly, I tested my new found skill on the first unsuspecting New Zealander buddy I strode up to. With scrunched up eyes and a bellowing voice they said, “Hey, what are you doing here you bloomin’ Aussie!”
Moral to the story: Don’t ask an Australian to teach you New Zealand brogue, and don’t let Satan, the flesh, or the world try to teach the Kingdom of God lifestyle and language. They will always try to mold and manipulate your life and decisions through guilt, fear, sin, and unbelief.
The Kingdom of God is the righteousness, peace, and joy of Christ in our lives and that life is only to be translated and understood by faith if we are to enjoy life to the fullest. Therefore the kingdom is taken hold of by faith in the accomplished work of Christ, not in anything we could conjure or accomplish through our own effort.
When you fall short and make a mistake, don’t let the mistake define you, you’ve been translated by God, and you’re no longer your mistakes. When life feels like a train wreck, know that God’s translated you as blessed and highly favored. Enjoy God’s translation of your life.

By Aaron F. Jeffers



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