Keeping Your Heart from Hacks

1 Corinthians 14:20
“Brothers, do not be children in
your thinking. Be infants in evil,
but in your thinking be mature.” ESV

Got a message from a friend, “So-n-so has a video to share with you.”
“Sweet, I haven’t heard from this person in weeks.” I eagerly click on the video.
“Your account needs to be logged-in.” Then I saw the place for username and password. I naively enter them both, anticipating my friend’s video. And! By the way, I was entered in for a $1000.00 gift card.
When I saw the gift card commercial, I got that sick feeling that said, “Ugh. I wonder if I got hacked?” I immediately logged out of my account and tried to re-login. I got a message that thankfully said, “We’ve frozen your account, someone from Detroit is trying to access it.” I got hacked, and had to change every single password on every single account. Wasted time, coupled with a suspicious haunting that some psycho has my password. No wonder this world is spending an estimated six-trillion dollars on cybercrime by 2021.
But the real question is, how much has your heart spent on the hacked-in lies that Satan has planted in your heart with his satanic scripts of failure, shame, and guilt? Your sin is not bigger than the Cross. If you think it is, you’ve been hacked. You think you’ve lost your innocence, and you’ll never get it back. That’s a horrible spiritual virus. As one author wrote (ref., “Fellowship with God results in innocence – not the other way around!” Maybe you linger around the thought, “I wonder if I’ve committed the ‘unforgivable sin’”. Guess what? If you’re even concerned about that question, I’ve got news for you… you haven’t. Just like a hack tries to devour your personal info to steal, Satan does the same with lies to keep you from living life in the love of God.

By Aaron F. Aaron Jeffers


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