He’ll Clean it for Free

Psalm 38:4
For my iniquities have gone over
my head; like a heavy burden,
they are too heavy for me.”

       Pools make me never want to own anything ever again.  I can’t even bring myself to stroll around the house to even look at it.  It’s so green with algae I want to throw a carp in it.  To fix the problem I have to scrub the walls and floors, then replace, and/or clean the filter every two hours.  It gets better.  Top it off by shelling out about sixty bucks for chemicals.

              As I’m dreaming of taking a razor knife to the belly of this vinyl swamp-beast my wife says, “But your daughter loves swimming in it so much honey.”  That’s all she had to say…time to scrub, filter, and shock.

              It’s a hard day when you look at the pool of your own life and say like the psalmist that your sins are too much of a burden.  When you find there’s no amount of scrubbing you can personally do to clean up the mess of your life.  The filter of your heart is so badly clogged that you can’t even fathom the capacity to love God, self, let alone others.  Life sure is a shock.

              But the good news is that before God even created us, he made the decision that to love us was worth the cost of rescuing us.  He willingly chose to take the nasty black sludge of all our sin and iniquity and put it on Christ.  Christ got the pool of our life, and we got the pool of his life.  If you think about it, that’s the only way it really works.  God’s perfect nature only allows him to swim in perfectly righteous and holy pools of relationship.  He holds out the offer that cost him everything; his only begotten, to not only clean, but completely erase our sin past-present-future.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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