Chicken Sandwich Blues

 Mark 9:35
“And he sat down and called the
twelve. And he said to them,
“If anyone would be first, he
must be last of all and servant of all.”

               These multiple lane fast food drive-through ordering services are inviting disaster.  Just the other day this car cuts in front of me so they could order their food first.  I thought to myself, “He must be ‘hangry’ (that’s a mixture of being hungry and angry).  Don’t let it bug you Aaron.  It’s not worth getting mad at.”  Despite the personal pep-talk, my heart was beating out of my chest and my adrenaline glands were pumping like a fire hose.

               I order my food with lighting speed and clarity, “I’ll take a chicken sandwich and an ice water bye.”  I was not going to wait for the order confirmation because I was at war, and I had one goal:  Get in front of that car.  And I sure did.  Now that my vehicle was in front of his, I thought, “He-he, I’m in control, and we can just slow this whole process down.”

               As I’m paying for my food, I felt God say, “Pay for his too.”

               “Ugh.  Okay God.”  I look back and the guy’s trying to hand the attendant money.  I’m thinking, “Awesome!  I get to mess with his head too for a few bucks!”

               As I’m unwrapping the sandwich in sardonic glee, a realization comes over me that I came in last because of my hunger to be first…again.  Thank God he gives us many opportunities for retake test.  Again, I am reminded that all of our spiritual battles are won by resting and waiting on and in the LORD.  We never make traction or stride in the kingdom of God with arrogance, pride, and/or vengeance.  The great paradox is that we make the most progress when labor and serve out of our rest in God’s presence and peace.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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