When You Feel Like a ‘Second’

Song of Solomon 4:7
You are altogether beautiful,
my love;
 there is no flaw in you.”

              I found the fleece I wanted and looked at the price tag.  Ninety-seven bucks.  Whoa!  I asked the lady behind the counter, “Do you have a clearance section of these?”

              She said, “No, but I do have some ‘seconds’ that are half-price.”

              “Well, let me see what you’ve got.”

              “I’ve only got two, but they are men’s XL.”

              I went to the fitting room.  Perfect fit and I said, “What’s wrong with it?”

              “I’m not allowed to say.  You’d just obsess over it.  I can tell you we were not able to fix it.  There’s something fundamentally wrong with it and it doesn’t meet our quality standards.  If you buy it, it’s yours, and you can’t take it back for any reason.  There’s no guarantee or warranty.”

              I bought it.   It’s the best fleece I’ve ever owned hands down.  Whatever was ‘fundamentally’ wrong and ‘flawed’ with it is now perfect in my eyes.

              Our emotions or failures can come against us and make us feel fundamentally flawed, broken, unwanted, and unfixable to God.  But don’t ever let those emotions or thoughts mold your view of God’s heart.

              We are bought by the perfect and flawless one.  Adopted by Father God and with his promise we are made complete and whole because of his love for us.  His love is what gives us an inherit value that cannot be diminished by hurts, hang-ups, flaws, or brokenness.

              Your deepest area of wounding and fractured part of your soul will probably be where God’s light will shine brightest in your life.  God’s priority in sending his son was not to fix your flaws, but to have you as his very own beloved.  That makes you perfect to him.  Remember, God does obsess over you, but with love, not over flaws.  Those are covered in Christ.


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