When Cats Fly…

True stories can be the funniest. Hope you like this one:

Matthew 21:22
“And whatever you ask
in prayer, you will receive,
if you have faith.”

A little girl went up to her mom and asked for a cat.
Her mom said, “No honey, we have enough pets as it is.”
For the next few months the little girl begged her mom for a kitten. Exasperated, the mom finally said, “Well just go ask God for a cat! If he gives you one, I’ll be fine with it.”
The little girl said, “Mommy, will you come out to the backyard and pray to God with me for my kitty?”
“Okay honey, let’s go out back and pray.”
The little girl prayed, “Dear God, please give me a kitten.”
Then right at ‘Amen.’, a little kitten fell from the sky. The mom just stared in amazement wondering where in the world this cat came from.
The little girl quickly snatched it up in tears of joy and said, “Look mommy! God gave me my very own kitty!”
Two weeks later, the mom was chatting with her neighbor who lived four houses down. Then her neighbor said, “You know my husband found a stray kitten caught up in a tree. He couldn’t reach it and we didn’t have a ladder, so he does the craziest thing. He tied the tree to the bumper of our car! He pulled the tree down to where he could reach the kitty and just as he was about to grab the kitten, the rope came undone and shot that poor kitten across creation. Poor thing, I’m sure it probably killed it.”
Immediately they decided to measure the distance and calculated that this cat safely traveled over two hundred and twenty yards into that little girl’s hands. You may not need a cat, but you might need a miracle. Prayer works because God works and loves us. Just read what Jesus said in the Scripture text above.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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