When You Want to Throw it all Away

Isaiah 44:22
“I have blotted out your
transgressions like a cloud
and your sins like mist; return
to me, for I have redeemed you.”


              What do Stephen King and Jackson Browne have in common?

              Answer:  Some curious soul redeemed the very work that would jettison their careers from a trash can.

              Stephen King was only making 9500 bucks a year as a High School teacher when he wrote the first few chapters to the book Carrie. His wife saw the manuscript in a trash can and decided to read it.  She convinced Stephen to finish the story. A publisher bought it, and it became a blockbuster.

              Jackson Browne’s album that was the first step to over 18 million record sales started when a secretary of David Geffen thought Jackson Browne was cute by his demo record cover that she spotted in Geffen’s trash can.  She took the record home, and the next day convinced David to produce the album.  Still shocked by his secretaries rummaging, David produced the album, and this literally launched him to billionaire status.

              Now let’s talk about an even better redemption story….you.

              Did you know that God has redeemed us completely in Christ Jesus?  Not only did he scrape off all the slimy swill of our sin and shame from our transgressions; past, present, and future.  But God has a great purpose for you.

              You may have really messed up, and feel like your life has been thrown in the trash can.  But that doesn’t ever change the fact of God’s love.  I believe God is into dumpster diving and redeeming what most people would consider hopeless lives and circumstances.  And the beauty of it all is that everybody wins.  God is glorified, and a life is lived to the fullest.  No earthly circumstance, struggle, or stronghold can change the finished work of the Cross of Christ, also known as your redemption.

By Aaron F. Jeffers 


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