Good Faith Estimate

Romans 3:26
“It was to show his righteousness
at the present time, so that he
might be just and the justifier
of the one who has faith in Jesus.”

               I’ve had good faith estimates from bankers and contractors, and been blessed with honest dealings.  Because of their service, I have a house.

              With each one I asked, “How much will it cost to get this job done?” 

              The reply, “I’ll give you a good faith estimate in writing.” 

The contractor told me how much it would cost to build the house, and his crew built the house.  The banker told me how much it would cost to borrow the money to pay the contractor, and then she wrote the loan.  The bank issued a check.

              With our salvation I can imagine God saying to his only begotten son, “How much will it cost for me to have a relationship with these people?”  And being a God that knows and sees all, picturing his beloved son with out-stretched arms wide open; carved, crucified, and nailed to a cross. 

That much.

God the Father had to estimate that for us to be able to have a good, clean, and holy relationship with him, his son Jesus would have to become every filthy, dark, nasty, and horrendous sin that every one of us would ever willfully and hard-heartedly commit.

He put it in writing you know.  God tells us that he is both just and justifier, meaning that he would not only set forth and make the standard of what it would take to cover the debt, but also be the one to pay it.  He knew that he would have to front all the payment for a completely bankrupt people.  He not only redeemed us from the wounds, scars, and damage caused by our sins.   He also figured in total healing, restoration, and life to the fullest into the deal.  The job complete.

By Aaron F. Jeffers 


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