Ice-cream for Bessie

Psalm 8:4
“What is man that you
are mindful of him, and
the son of man that you
care for him?”

From our archives ~ oldie by goodies!

            Ole was born in Norway on April 19th 1877 and immigrated to the U.S. five years later.  At the age of sixteen he became an apprentice at a machine shop in Wisconsin.  He fell in love with the bookkeeper named Bessie Cary.

              Ole found a way of wooing Bessie by bringing her ice cream from across the Okauchee Lake.  It was a mile and a half across, and by the time he rowed across and back again, the ice-cream would be melted.

              So inspired and driven Ole was to bring ice cream to his true love, he decided to invent a quicker way to cross the lake before the ice-cream was melted.  So in 1909 Ole Evinrude invented the world’s first outboard engine that produced one-point-five horsepower; just enough power to get his meager boat across the lake and back again with fresh un-melted ice cream for Bessie.

              Powered by the greatest force of the universe, love (Remember, God is love), Bessie got her ice-cream, Ole won her hand in marriage, and the world was gifted with the first outboard engine known and still in full operation today by the brand name…Evinrude.

              God had to invent a way to cross the gulf that separated us from a relationship with him because of our sin.  Not only did God not want us to melt by the trials of life and the fires of hell, but he loved us so much, that he used the one and only way possible to cross that chasm to have a perfect and complete relationship with us.  That way could only be made and powered by the sacrifice of his only son.

              Today, take courage and know that God’s love has more than enough power to save, heal, and give you eternal life to the fullest.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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