Feral Relationship

Psalm 18:6
“In my distress I called
upon the Lord; to my God
I cried for help. From his temple
he heard my voice, and my
cry to him reached his ears.”

              It might be a boy or a girl, but it’s an orange tabby cat.  It’s feral, undomesticated and untamed, but it gets hungry.  It was so hungry one day, that when I threw old moldy bread off the front of my deck, it came out of the woods to scarf it down.  One day I’m barbequing chicken, and that was enough to whet its appetite to make its presence known and vocalize an opinion directly to me.

              Now it comes within ten feet of me or gets up on the woodpile.  It cries on two circumstances: hunger and the other is, “Your too close, and I’m too afraid to eat.”  So, I feed him/her, and walk away.  Maybe one day it will let me pet it, but it’s been over a year.

              There are many things that make us spiritually ‘feral’ to God.  One is getting repeatedly burned by his followers.  Another is life experiences that cause us to doubt and question our faith in the existence of a loving God.  Throw in a mix of scriptures that paint a punitive and punishing God that’s utterly disappointed with his creation, and you’ve got quite a recipe for a feral spiritual-perfect storm-blend.

              Take the Bible as a whole, and you find that God is a father, desperately wanting to connect with the heart of his.  You are that child.  There’s no stain, mistake, failure, and no fall that disqualifies you from his grace.  In Christ, he sees you as whole, perfect, and unstained/untainted in him.  He no longer sees, gauges, or defines you by performance or lack thereof.  The food he holds out in his hand is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Eat and connect with him.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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