Time Chaser

Matthew 20:16
“So the last will be first,
and the first last.”

               A Lamborghini is a sight to behold, an amazing machine, accompanied by an amazing price.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a Lamborghini dealership saying, “Let’s go in.”  We were treated in one of the worst ways possible, like non-people…dehumanized.           

              Fast-forward.  I’m passing Saint James, Missouri and heading to Rolla.  What do my eyes see, but a beautiful orange Lambo.  The owner has sold numerous Lamborghinis and is one of the most amiable (RE-Humanizing!), people I’ve met on this earth.

              I asked, “What’s your life philosophy?”

              Jason replied, “Chase time, and the money comes.  Too many things in this life have taught me that it’s all about redeeming the time and focusing your life about and around the things that really matter; Being an active thinker and forward mover.”

              One of the greatest tests of a persons’ faith is how they will steward their time.  Many use time to focus on money, getting ahead, and moving up in the world.  When those motivations become the focus of a persons’ life, it’s easy to become dehumanizing and selfish.  In Matthew twenty the workers in the vineyard are equally blessed, but one group spent a heap of time working, the other a small time.  At a glance, we think, “That’s not fair.  One group worked all day, the other, just a little bit, and they both got paid the same.”

It’s fair if you’re chasing time.  The time-chaser would have acknowledged the kindness of the employer and relished the opportunity to work.  Both groups were equally blessed, but one lost value and sucked the air out of the room because of an attitude of ‘me-me-me’.  When focus is on self, instead of harvesting the moment (life/relationships/time), it’s a loss.  Use faith to soak up the moment, believing God is the provision, and chase the time/life Christ has given you.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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