Surf School

Colossians 3:3
 For you have died,
and your life is hidden
with Christ in God.”

              Surfing made my bucket-list when Point Break came out in 91’.  At forty-five, I attended surf-school.  The instructor handed my kids surfboards that were seven feet long.

              He looks at me, “Hey!  We got one of those big boards?”  He could have just said, “Get the fat-guy board.” 

              “Yeah.”  He brings back a board that looks like a fighter jet could land on it.  I surfed for about ten, maybe eleven…milli-seconds.  You catch a wave that you don’t have the ability to produce and are completely dependent on its power. 

Two people are not meant to surf on one board.  One board, one person, and one wave.  Spiritually, if we want to experience the joy, power, and peace of God, it’s got to be one person on the board.  It’s his power and presences that produce the waves our lives can spiritually-surf on. 

Many Pharisees were told by Jesus they were being hypocrites.  Their lifestyle was killing themselves and their followers.  Sometimes, we make the same mistake by trying to be two people:  People-pleasers on one hand, and God-pleasers on the other.  It never works.  It just fuels hypocrisy and invites duplicity. 

The real mystery is that we’re not two people when Christ takes residence in our hearts by faith.  The two become one.  He takes residence by the Holy Spirit in these tents called our bodies.  Hard time understanding? That’s why it’s called a mystery.  Pharisees became hypocrites by their monopoly on claiming to be certain and exclusive about God.  They missed the very God they were professing whenever he was right there, and consequently missed out on the life of God.  

You’re not an old ratty board with Christ surfing on top.  You’re a new creation, God’s holy beloved child, created to hang ten on life.  Do more spiritual-surfing, and you’ll do less sinning. 

By Aaron F. Jeffers

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