Space, Your Frontier

2 Corinthians 3:18
“And we all, with unveiled face,
beholding the glory of the Lord,
are being transformed into the
same image from one degree of
glory to another.  For this comes
from the Lord who is the Spirit.”


              Toby was a desperado dog.  He would run daily up to the neighbor’s house to visit their dog and eat.  I traded a mini-fridge for an invisible electric dog fence.  My wife read the instructions, and it said to start with the lowest voltage on the shock-collar.

              She said, “Toby just runs right through it.  I did what the instructions said, by starting on shock-level one, and not putting it on level six.  I was testing the fence, and level two gave me quite a jolt.”

              “I know what to do.” I replied (All the men who are reading this, know what level the collar quickly got cranked up to).

              It worked.  It was so effective, we couldn’t get Toby to go bathroom outside of the house for three days.  His nails would try to dig into seasoned oak to keep from touching the grass.  Now Toby stays in our space.

              I don’t believe God uses electro-shock therapy to change us, but he does use space.  What I mean, is that space between the trigger and our reaction.  That space before anger from flash to bang.  That space between stimulus and response.  The great lie is that it is a concrete short amount of time that you don’t have control over.

              This ‘space’…is where spiritual transformation takes place if we invite God, and we don’t do it alone.  This space is painful at first, but if we pull back the veil of our aching flesh that is crying and clawing for a quick response, seeking relief in sin, and instead we seek God, and behold the glory of his presence in that moment, we are transformed more into the likeness of Christ.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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