Deer or Dear Trust

Isaiah 43:1
“But now thus says the Lord,
he who created you, O Jacob,
he who formed you, O Israel:
‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you…’

    She eats corn at my house everyday.  If the momma deer sees me, she looks up at me we with penetrating black eyes, walks like a trained Spanish Stallion, and then stomps her front right hoof.  Then she makes this weird huffing-snort that is a message of anger and frustration.

Momma deer says, “(Stomp).  Get away from here, I want to eat my corn in peace!”

I say, “Momma deer, I bought this corn because I love deer, and I want to watch you eat.  I don’t want to shoot you like a hunter, have no fear.”

She says, “(Huff-Snort), I don’t trust you (Note: Trust/Believe/Faith are one word in the Greek Jesus spoke), I’m scared.”  Then leaps into the brush huffing and snorting in anger.  It’s comical.

But she wants that corn.

She comes back out.  Stomps, snorts, looks at me, and then hunger overrides fear, and then she eats.  It’s not a peaceful meal for her though, because with each mouthful she looks up at me to see if I’m going to destroy her.

Many Christians have a relationship with God like this.  We eat the meal of salvation that is laid out for us, but it’s veiled in fear.  In the book, The Cure (great read btw), the author(s) make the point that shame is where a person transitions from, “I’ve done something wrong.” to “There’s something wrong about me.”  And that you can only choose between two paths with God:  Either the path of pleasing God, or trusting God.  If you try to please God, you’ll be exhausted, frustrated, and have a relationship tainted by fear.  If you go the path of trusting God, you’ll naturally please God, because trusting God is what pleases him most.

By Aaron F. Jeffers
PS…Highly recommend two films.  On Netflix:  The Heart of Man.  On DVD:  I Can Only Imagine

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