Evading the Relationship Time-Bandit

1 Corinthians 15:14
“And if Christ has not been
raised, then our preaching is
in vain and your faith is in vain.”

Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted half your life on customer service? I was placed on hold, and directed to a call center in India. I felt like a hockey puck being slapped to from one agent to another. My entire afternoon melted away.
Nineteen bucks. That’s all the adapter cost, but the time…gone. We have an enemy that specializes in providing endless opportunities for the flesh, mind, and heart to squander and waste time. Replaying a past event is a huge time-leech. Mismanagement of time is a thief. But let’s focus on the relationship time-bandit.
For example, if you go around thinking about a person that hurt or betrayed you, what happens to your present moment? You can’t fully engage in any process or project unless it’s centered and fueled by revenge for that person, and that’s not good. Or, that pain acts like screensaver or a backdrop to every activity your attempting to engage in, constantly stealing and sandbagging you down emotionally and/or physically.
When you have something that’s carved you up emotionally, you need serious healing. If you’re being tormented because of a forgiveness issue with life being stolen one moment-bite at a time, try this: “God, I invite the finished work of your Son to heal my heart and help me forgive. I give __________(name person) over to you now.” Each time that person’s face pops up in your brain and starts stealing your moment, try that prayer, with the goal of that hurt fading into obscurity, and then you engaging fully in life. Check out The Daily Prayer on John Eldredge’s website, www.ransomedheart.com. The resurrection of Christ is a past event that has power for now, especially for dripping up life one moment at a time.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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