Ring the Bell

2 Corinthians 6:1
“Working together with him, then,
we appeal to you not to receive the
grace of God in vain.”  ESV

In Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Mark Gungor talks about how the points in a man’s mind for doing something are different than the point scale in a woman’s.  If a guy loads the dishwasher, he thinks, “I just loaded the dishes, will she be impressed!” He’s thinking subconsciously that this is worth about a hundred points.

The wife goes to the sink, sees the dishes loaded, and thinks to herself, “Aw, that’s sweet.  He loaded the dishes.” Ding! One point.

To boost the marriage, Gungor says to bring the reality and expectation gap together by acknowledging each other’s efforts in a way that benefits the relationship.  So for the last fifteen, of the twenty years of our marriage you’d hear an echo in our house of, “Ding!!!!” That symbolizes ringing the bell that something nice was done to contribute to the love bucket, in hopes of awareness that creates an overflowing outpour of love.

Paul tells us to not receive the grace of God in vain.  On God’s scale of points for the bell, it’s always that he gave his only begotten Son.  Through your day, it can go like this: Messed up yesterday, but his mercies are new daily.  Today is a new day, I should make the most of it because Christ died and rose to make it so {Ding!}.  I could use my freedom in Christ to fall into sin, but Jesus became my sin and died so I could expend that energy on a healthy outlet, relating to God as my father {Ding!}.  That person messed me over, but God forgave me of a whole lot more. I don’t have to be bitter {Ding!}. Ring the bell of grace, so you can be aware of the overflow of God’s love into your life.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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