Speed in Stopping

Mark 2:27 “And he said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.’” ESV

There’s a story of a wagon train of settlers traveling from Saint Louis to Oregon. On their journey, fall was setting in, and harsh winter on the horizon. Panic broke out in the camp because most were thinking, “We can’t take one day off a week with winter coming. We’ll freeze to death!”
They took a vote. Part of them decided that they would take a Sabbath every week to rest from all their work, and rest in the Lord. The other part voted to travel seven days a week to reach safety.
Guess which group made it first? The ones who rested one day a week, by practicing a Sabbath rest (I read this story in, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Great book).
The word, ‘Sabbath’, means ‘to cease’, or ‘stop’. I believe what the Sabbath is for believer’s now is a way of life. Stopping a busy life for the purpose of resting in God. Hebrews four makes it clear that the Sabbath rest for believer’s is something to be entered into by faith. I believe it’s God’s will for all of us to have at least one day a week of rest. Working sheet metal taught me that. If you ever want to see a group of workers that go from flash-to-bang at the drop of a pin, work around people who have been working seven days a week for over three weeks.
There are graces that God has placed in this world. A good spouse, simple pleasures, generous people, total forgiveness in Christ, and an invitation of faith to break away from a busy life to enter into rest by stopping. The best time to stop and enter rest is when you are the most stressed, busy, and pressured. Stopping, in the spiritual economy, is a catalyst of speed and blessing.

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