Psalm 110:1
The LORD says to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand
until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.

I’ll never forget the story of the young man who competed in Karate, and won the championship with only one arm. He was in an accident where his left arm was severed. After he healed up, he decided to still train. He asked his instructor if he could compete.

His Sensei replied, “Sure, as long as you train exactly how I tell you.”
So for the next few months his instructor had him practice only a few moves, then it came time for the competition. The young man was getting battered and bruised, but he was winning every match. Then finally it came to the championship round. Again, he was smacked around pretty heavy, but he came out on top.
He looked at his instructor, and said, “How in the world did I pull that off?”
His Sensei said, “The only defense for every move that I taught you was for your opponent to grab your left arm.”
So many times life and its battles seem over our head because of our personal frailties, and God wants us to get in the ring and experience the victory that is found only in Jesus Christ. The promise that David quoted, and Jesus fulfilled (Psalm 110) is the key to living out our victory in Christ: Our new position. Dwell, stand, sit, and abide in the presence of God, and live the victory. Just sit and stand where He tells you…in His presence.
It’s not how much you white-knuckle it, it’s what you do with the freedom you’ve been given in Christ. He knows you’re weaknesses, but those are the very places that he can inhabit with his power so that you get to know him better, and glorify your heavenly Father. And remember, if it’s over your head, it’s under his feet.

By Aaron F. Jeffers


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